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Time to Rebuild

saintnuke, Sep 7, 11 2:07 AM.
Ok guys as you all know we have took a big hit lately. we as the officers are going to be in a fix it state am we will be requiting tanks and heals our dps is grate so no need there if you know ppl that want to raid tell us and lets try this will help us and you for the simple reason if we get bosses down we can get others in to see fights too 
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Death Knight
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Welcome to BloodLust!
Please review the guild rules before you begin.

These rules of etiquette apply to all BloodLust Guild members in the company of other guildies and non-guildie players whether in-game (this includes the trade channel, general and all chat channels), or on any guild's Ventrilo or Teamspeak server. 
  • Thou shall not be a ninja
  • Thou shall not squander guild funds and items
  • Thou shall not harass others
  • Thou shall not direct irate cussing at others
  • Thou shall not be excessively pushy
  • Thou shall not be a mean person
  • Thou shall not disregard warnings from high council
  • Thou shall not detract from others' game-play by being an overt know-it-all
  • Thou shall not disregard basic group and raid rules, i.e. warlocks and priests are not generally regarded as tanks. Also, see the Raid Rules posted in Forums.

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